Most of us hate ads running on websites that we visit since most are annoying. Even when watching a video on YouTube.

The best way of getting rid of them is using an Adblock plugin on your browser.

👉 Ad AdBlock is an extension that blocks all advertising on the Internet: widgets on websites, video inserts, notifications. All of it! Completely changes the perception of the network, it is rightfully considered a must have for a conscious Internet user.

AdBlock developers do not require a fee for using the service, but only premium users get access to the extended functionality. What is included in the premium version? For example, replacing ads with pre-installed images. How to pick up for free?

1️⃣ Open the official page of promotions.

2️⃣ Find “Enjoy 1 year of AdBlock Premium on us” block.

3️⃣ Enter the active email address.

4️⃣ Press “Sign Up For A Free Trial“.

5️⃣ Install AdBlock .

6️⃣ Go to the mail → find a ✉️ from the company.

7️⃣ Click “Verify Email“.

Done!✅ Important note: this is a trial version that will stop working in a year.❗️To use AdBlock Premium further, you will have to pay.